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Signing Off

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Rejected twice, later, admitted in for robotics as there was no one else, but instead auditioned for film making, also, pleaded to be a part of the German exchange movie, … that was me 3 years ago.

I used to look up to my seniors and think, “I will become the film executive someday”, little did I know that I would instead be given a much better opportunity.

We’ve all slogged much of our time in the computer lab, building things that continue to push the eSpice legacy forward.

And this year, we’ve managed to take it to a whole new level.
You know your work is done, when you get a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious feedback from so many people and this goes for everyone in The eSpice Squad.

Thank you guys for making eSpice v11.0 the best ever.
If it weren’t for each of you, the event wouldn’t have been the same.

Thank you everyone for the support that you’ve given us, to all the teachers who’ve guided and mentored us. 
Thank you Monica Ma’am for everything, for all the opportunities that you’ve given us and for your love & affection.

You were right, it’s that combination of talent and capability that has made eSpice what it is today. Ma’am the club will never be the same without you.

eSpice was the last event of my school life and I’m glad it was the best.
Thanks to the best squad ever, and notably these people.
PriyanshuSrinivasAngad, Abhishek, Gaurav, it’s been an incredible partnership.
Let’s hope it’s just the start.

Raghav Bhasin
President, eSpice (2012-14)

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