Raghav Bhasin

Water Weeds: Water Hyacinth

Problem; proliferation of Water Hyacinth in Okhla Bird Sanctuary.

After conducting extensive research and talking to people from different areas. We were lucky to meet some workers from Punjab who had faced a similar crisis, you can read about it here on Wikipedia and IndiaToday.

They advised us to follow the manual method of uprooting, as then the weeds could be utilised in various ways, which could also help the local community gain from the unwanted plant.

We conducted training and orientation workshops for several schools from around New Delhi (NCR) and helped create awareness about the issue and it’s influence on the surrounding area.

Awards and Notable Achievements

Each of our team members was awarded the ‘Master Trainer‘ title by the Center for Environment Education (CEE) under the Paryavaran Mitra Program facilitated by The Ministry of Environment and Forests, India (MoEF).

Our team also talked about Water Hyacinth on NDTV India’s Greenathon program, starring Milind Soman.

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