Raghav Bhasin


Our very first Move Review. (Also our last.)

We made this review for an event in our college. 
(Just fyi, We respect and love Kanan and Biswas just as much as you do.

[Update: 3rd Feb 2018]
[Originally Posted on 6th Feb 2015]

I believe this update is monumental as it tells you a bit about how our video has performed over the past 3 years and the milestones we’ve hit.

We made this in our first year at college, and to be honest were disheartened because we didn’t come up in the top 3 during Riviera 2015, but on 21st August 2015 things took a drastic turn.

We got 8070 Views resulting in 24,384 minutes of watched video in a single day, that is 2 hours short of 17 days in a single day

406 hours of watched video in 24hrs, on 21-Aug-2015.

Netting us a 2581% growth jump for the month of August 2015.

As of writing this update we’ve crossed over 653,559 minutes of watched video equaling 1 year and 88 days of total view time.

242,871+ views from 6-Feb-2015 to 3-Feb-2018


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